Responsible Gambling

Course Level: Operational/Executive
Jurisdiction: United Kingdom

Social responsibility and responsible gambling are of great importance for any gambling operator. There have been cases in the past where operators have acted either irresponsibly or inappropriately, that has led to some damaging outcomes for all involved. Through these mistakes, the industry has worked closely with regulators to reduce the harm caused by gambling and ensure that gambling can be a safe and enjoyable experience. Independent bodies such as the Senet Group have been established to promote responsible gambling standards and to ensure that the marketing of gambling is socially responsible.

In order to raise awareness of social responsibility and responsible gambling within your organisation and in accordance with the UK Gambling Commission's training requirements, Part 2 of the Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice; all staff should be sufficiently trained and informed of relevant standards and requirements to protect your customers and the organisation.

The key to the success of ensuring your business is socially responsible is identifying those areas of the business that may have synergies to allow greater efficiency. In many cases, the information that enables the protection of customers from experiencing harm is also information that protects the business from commercial risk. For example; by establishing the source of wealth for VIP customers, the business can ensure compliance with anti-money laundering regulations and establish if that customer can afford to deposit or stake the amount they do.

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