Regulatory Environment

Course Level: Operational
Jurisdiction: Isle of Man

This course provides the user with a general overview of the Isle of Man eGaming regulatory environment, looking at each of the regulatory bodies and their respective compliance regimes including areas of primary legislation such as the Online Gambling Regulation Act (and associated regulations), the Proceeds of Crime Act and various Anti-Money Laundering codes.

Within this course, we will look at the various regulatory bodies that exist within the jurisdiction of the Isle of Man and further into how these bodies both regulate the sector and interact with each other in order to provide a cohesive regulated jurisdiction.

We shall review the background of the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission (GSC) and the regulations the Commission and Inspectorate are charged with upholding.

We shall also look at Isle of Man Financial Services Authority (FSA) and how they provide oversight of all businesses with the financial sector including the primary acts of law which apply to GSC licensed operators.

Finally, we shall review other key bodies within the Isle of Man who are responsible for the gathering of intelligence related to all forms of financial crime.

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