Information Security

Course Level: Operational/Executive
Jurisdiction: United Kingdom

In order to raise awareness of information security within your organisation and in accordance with the UK Gambling Commission’s security audit requirements, all staff should be sufficiently trained and informed of information security standards and requirements to protect your organisation.

UK licensed remote gambling operators are required to undergo an annual security audit to assess the organisation’s compliance against specific ISO 27001:2013 standards as set by the Gambling Commission, Section 5 of the Remote Gambling and Software Technical Standards. Failing this audit can lead to severe and unexpected impacts on the organisation, such as diverting development teams from existing tasks, high costs related to remedying deficiencies or critical failures within deadlines. Frontline services can also be disrupted or suspended until issues are resolved.

Licensees must provide to the Commission copies of the full report produced by the security auditor, along with management responses for any identified issues, on completion of their audit.

This course has been designed to educate executives on the importance of information security.

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