Designated Official & Operations Manager Responsibilities

Course Level: Executive
Jurisdiction: Isle of Man

Under the Isle of Man Online Gambling Regulation Act (OGRA), licensed operators are required to appoint a number of key role holders. This course will provide an overview of these key roles, who may hold these roles and what the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission will expect of the role holders.

While most businesses will be familiar with the role of the Director, Isle of Man Licensed operators are also required to appoint additional key roles. The Designated Official and/or the Operations Manager. Within this course, we shall look at the Designated Official (DO) role, the responsibilities of the DO within the context of the OGRA licence and the persons risks associated with holding this role.

We shall also review the position of the Operations Manager (OM), whether an OM is required by the licence holder, who may hold this role and what their personal obligations and risk are within the context of OGRA compliance.

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