Advertising and Media

Course Level: Operational/Executive
Jurisdiction: United Kingdom

The UK Gambling Commission and the Competition and Markets Authority have taken a strong and joint stance on irresponsible advertising. At the World Regulatory Briefing in 2016, the Chief Executive, at the time, stated:

"As many operators in the room may know, the Commission has been conducting a significant amount of work on the marketing and advertising of online gambling. Unfortunately, we found many failings within the industry by both large and small operators. These failings included:

  • advertisements of gambling products on copyright infringing websites
  • unsolicited marketing of gambling products, such as text messages sent to consumers who had not opted in to receive them
  • failures to comply with the advertising codes supervised by the UK Advertising Standards Authority."

Following a series of public statements, the UK Gambling Commission have both named and shamed none compliant operators, as well as issuing increasingly significant fines.

In order to raise awareness of advertising and media requirements within your organisation and in accordance with the UK Gambling Commission’s requirements, staff should be sufficiently trained and informed of advertising and media requirements to protect your organisation.

This course has been designed to educate management on the importance of adhering to advertising and media rules and regulations.

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